neděle 18. ledna 2015

Oh Captain, My Captain - Part Two - The Hope

               Nový kit od Feli má název  Oh Captain, My Captain - Part Two - The Hope.
This is a two-part project,
dedicated to the late actor and comedian Robin Williams.
I'm sure you have all seen the film "Dead poets' society" and you all know the quote "Oh captain, my captain".

Part One of this project is called The Darkness, as a symbol for the "quiet side", for sadness, depression, darkness and pain of the heart.

Part Two is called The Hope and is optimistic, soft and beautiful in a very warm and light way, with delicate colors and elegant elements.

Tato druhá část obsahuje 10papírů a 60elementů.Kit zakoupíte v shopu Digitalscrapbookingstudio nebo Digidesignresort. 
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