pondělí 21. listopadu 2022

Peaceful Place

  Peaceful Place, je název úžasného kitu od simplette-scrap.Kit obsahuje 

 90 elements + 18 papers (9 clear and 9 dark)

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Autumn Breezes

 Fantastická kolekce od Jumpstart-Designs má název  Autumn Breezes.The season blows in on a warm golden wind and blows out again on a current of frosty air. As leaves fall from the tree and twirl around us, it can only mean one thing: it’s fall! Autumn Breezes perfectly encapsulates this changing season and all the magic that comes with it. Warm oranges slowly transition to brown and eventually are replaced with a wintery turquoise. Fresh blooms give way to ripening pumpkins and crispy leaves. Whimsical foxes frolic, trucks head to the farmer’s market, and a glowing lantern welcomes the lengthening nights. Autumn Breezes comes packed with gorgeous details, including playful patterned papers, delicate hand painted touches, and quotes that pay tribute to this wondrous season. While there is no way to truly capture the feeling of autumn and bottle it for later, you can bring the magic and whimsy of fall to your scrapbook with Autumn Breezes.V kolekci najdeme 

44 elements

41 add-on elements & 1 background (30 unique)

35 art accents & word bits

9 quote cards

20 tapes

17 trims

21 patterned papers (in plain & grunge options)

10 ombre blended papers

18 plain papers

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Fall Months

 Úžasná kolekce od Simplette má název  Fall Months.Autumn is the time to slow down, to take time to relax, to create a pleasant and warm cocoon at home. This collection will enhance all your autumn photos, indoors or outdoors, creating around them a haven of sweet  colors and softness.Kolekce obsahuje

  • 60 elements
  • 11 papers
  • 22 accents
  • 5 masks and frames
  • 11 patterned papers
  • 16 labels
  • 9 torn papers
  • 5 embellishments
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Henhouse Harvest

Henhouse Harvest je název, rozkošné kolekce od Jumpstart-Designs .Autumn is all about the changing leaves and the last vegetable harvests, and so are most of the seasonal kits. Why not change things up a bit? Henhouse Harvest draws inspiration from those lovely little hens who keep laying eggs, even as the days get shorter and colder. This warm and cozy kit is full of cozy henhouse-inspired details, including a decorative hen, a couple of chicks, and close to a dozen eggs in fun fall patterns.  Henhouse Harvest also comes with some more playful elements, including a shower of confetti, fluffy textured clouds, two birdhouses, a pumpkin, and some fun textured flowers. No flock of your own? No problem. This kit plays well with other kits to help you stretch your stash. Enjoy a bounty of exciting new autumn layouts with  Henhouse Harvest.Kolekce obsahuje

57 elements & 14 papers

2 sets of clusters

1 set of title clusters

6 quick album pages

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pátek 11. listopadu 2022

Cozy Autumn

Cozy Autumn je název podzimního collabu PBP Designers Palvinka Designs, Dutch Dream Designs & Simplette.FREE with any purchase of $15 or more @ the Pickleberry Shop -pickleberrypop.com

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Sweater Weather

 Úžasná kolekce od Jumpstart-Designs má název Sweater Weather.Autumn is a lot of things but, for many people, it officially begins the “cozy” season.  As the temperatures drop and the leaves change, homes become filled with candles and blankets, and wardrobes transition to sweaters and boots. Some people take “sweater weather” quite literally, while others enjoy wandering the woods for crisp, colorful leaves. No matter how many ways you choose to indulge in the season, Sweater Weather will help you document them with a warm palette, plush textures, and the perfect balance of wood and watercolors. Celebrate the many ways to enjoy this colorful season with this expansive new collection called Sweater Weather!Kolekce obsahuje

149 Elements
(46 unique, plus additonal colors for enhanced designing opportunities)
1 Wooden Background

5 Art Accents & 5 Stamped Elements 

11 Quote Cards

12 Blended Papers

12 Ombre Papers
23 Solid Papers

40 Watercolor Blooms

42 Add-On Elements
(46 unique, plus additonal colors for enhanced designing opportunities)
1 Wooden Background

16 Patterned Papers

7 Sweater Papers

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Terribly Cute

Rozkošná, Halooweenská kolekce od Simplette se jmenuje Terribly Cute.This collection will highlight all our Halloween photos with softness and sweetness.Kolekce obsahuje